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Need an easy way to take your website homepage to the next level?

You’ve found the solution. For a reasonable price, We will create a beautiful HD video that showcases your local area and lifestyle of living in your community!

You can depend on us to create a video you will be proud to showcase on your website homepage.

View our sample reels below.





We will create a standard stock video reel with stock videos for $200. We will feature local lifestyle and living videography.
Please note that a standard reel does may not have specific stock video to your specific city due to availability but can comprise of 6-8 clips that are non-location specific shots of home living and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a premium reel to your specific area, We can create a premium reel based on stock availability in your area for a custom quote, starting at $500. Reach out to for a custom quote.
You can view some of our sample standard reels:
A standard reel is a great place to start until you have the budget to:
1) work with a videographer who can film area specific aerial and local videography or
2) purchase a premium reel starting at $500


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