Migrate Your Website


This is a one-time charge to transfer your website to FlyWheel Hosting. This is an irreversible transfer which means once you transfer this over, we no longer can manage your website going forward without another transfer fee.
What do you need to pay for going forward?
  1. You will be responsible for the monthly hosting plan (in your case Flywheel), to be paid directly to the hosting company ($25/mo) which keeps your website live.
  2. Please remember to pay for your domain name each year (or prepay for several years) which costs roughly $15/year.
  3. Any IDX connection. In your case that’s RealScout or iHomeFinder to keep the MLS connected to your website.
What if I need to update the site?
There are two types of updates that a site needs. Content update (from you) and core software updates. Flywheel will take care of all core software updates and let you know if there are any conflicts in themes or plugins (very rare). If you need to update content on your website and you’re not familiar with Wordpress, you will need to hire a Wordpress Developer which we recommend you find on Fiverr.
We’re sorry to see you go, but we really appreciate your business. Good luck going forward! Please stay-tuned into our Free Resources on our website: https://liftoffagent.com/




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