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Social Media advertisement is tricky, you are trying to sell it to people who are on the platform for entertainment and do not have the intent to buy anything.

The powerful way to use FB & IG to sell your services is by using a 3 step process. Engagement -> Retargeting -> Optimization.

We’ll utilize existing funnels on your website, utilize key tools like Facebook Pixel & Lookalike Audiences, and track key metrics of cost-per-click / cost-per-lead to measure success.

Let’s setup your ad accounts to create this effective funnel so you get the maximum ROI.



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The Setup:

Business Manager Setup: We will set up all of the backend connections of the event manager and pixel conversions, along with creating the audiences that your ads will target.

Ads Setup: Now it’s time to put your ad manager to work for you. We will create two (2) ads in your Business Manager Ad account. We will line out all of the details of the ads during the process and show you what they look like before we go live.

Pixel & Retargeting Setup: We will link your ads to your website to track visitors using the Facebook Pixel. This will ensure anyone website visitors will be tracked so your ads will show up on their Facebook and Instagram feed for retarget marketing. This is key data to build lookalike audiences in the future.

Capture Website Traffic & Retarget: We will track your website visitors and ensure they are being targeted to by your Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Recommended Ad Budget: The actual minimum budget set by Facebook is $30/mo per ad. We recommend a minimum budget of $100/mo per ad for your ads to start really producing any quantifiable results.

Increased Website Traffic Visitors: We drive new and returning visitors from Facebook & Instagram to your website lead pages. This increases new traffic month-after-month partnered with the retargeting feature. Track these visitors using the Google Analytics tracking we provide you in frequent reports. (depending on your allocated ad budget)

Increased Social Audience: As we run your growth audience ads, you will see your social audience (likes, interactions, followers) increase over time.( depending on your allocated ad budget)


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