Social Media Account Setup


Social Media is the best way to reach your ideal client and the first place your ideal client checks when deciding whether to work with you or another agent. Not only is it important to have a social media account, it’s crucial to have it setup correctly and can be a powerful advertising tool when connected with your website funnels.

We create and enhance the following accounts:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Google My Business






Social Media Setup: We will create or enhance your existing Facebook Business, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. We will setup Google My Business and ensure brand and information consistency across all channels.

Social Kit: We will build out all of your social media artwork consistent with your logo & brand kit.

Setup Integration to Website: We integrate Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn links throughout your website as well as feed in Instagram postings.

Key Features:

  • Build Brand Awareness & Local Authority
  • Share Information Quickly
  • Connect with Your Target Audience
  • Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing
  • Quicker & Faster Engagement
  • Increase Traffic & Conversions on Your Website