Revamp Your Website


We usually recommend doing an update to the system and moving it into our newest 3.0 system. This usually comes with some modernization changes included, as well as building you two new landing pages you can use to direct traffic to. If you’re doing any mailers, online facebook/ig ads, etc – you can build a page where you can capture info. A few examples below:
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Website Revamp
This also includes much easier and better looking blog dissemination between pages, feeding in videos into your website from YouTube, feeding in instagram and a Facebook messenger chat feature.
An update to the site like this is a one-time cost of $1000 with two online meetings; one at the beginning to discuss parameters and one at the end to review changes before launch. Your current website will remain live and untouched so we can take the time to build the new pages and visually change up some of the design queues.
What can make your website revamp a hit? Lifestyle Photography!
Lifestyle Photography
I’d highly recommend lifestyle photography to enhance your website when starting a Website Revamp. Normally a 5-10 photoshoot session with a few outfit changes with edited photos range from $700-900. If you have a friend/contact who can take some photos, that’s always a plus!
Here are examples to get an idea & might help your photographer: