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Make Your Website Accessible & ADA Compliant

The world’s #1 AI-Powered Web Accessibility Solution ensuring ADA compliance, legal protection and increased user engagement.

Having your website ADA compliant and accessible is good for your business. Not only does having a compliant website prevent any issues for non-compliance – it makes it easier for potential buyers and sellers to work with you on your website. This service is packed-full of features using the latest AI technology for always up-to-date compliance, accessibility statement and a $10,000 guarantee if the worst case scenario happens.

From our experience, if you have any sort of accessibility widget, you are generally passed on by most lawyers looking to make a quick buck trying to sue against ada compliance. As with any insurance – there are varying plans that offer peace of mind, but at a cost-to-risk ratio.

Below you’ll find two plans that offer two levels of coverage.

20% Coverage Plan – $99/year

  • Light Accessibility Widget (28 features)
  • Up to 20% WCAG & ADA coverage
  • No Screen Reader Support
  • No Accessibility Statement
  • No Legal Protection
  • No Guarantee

90% Coverage Plan – $499/year

  • Fully Robust Accessibility Widget (100+ features)
  • More than 90% + WCAG & ADA compliance
  • Screen Reader Support
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Dedicated Legal Support Package
  • $10,000 Guarantee


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Why isn’t there a 100% Coverage Plan?

Compliance and guarantees work like insurance. There’s a cost-to-risk ratio. There IS a 100% coverage plan, but expect to pay major $$$ on a monthly basis depending on the number of pages and resources on your website. However, we’ve found that most ada compliant lawsuits settle at $10k – which the 90% coverage plan covers. The 90% coverage plan makes you a far less easy target compared to the many other non-compliant websites out there. At the end of the day, most lawyers going after agents are looking to make a quick buck. If it looks like you have your stuff together, they’ll move onto another easier target and deem it not worth their time.

Is my website ADA compliant?

If you purchase the 90% Coverage Plan, your website will be compliant with the strictest compliance levels of WCAG 2.1, ADA, GDPR, UNRUH, EN 301 549, COPPA, and HIPAA regulations.

Do I need to do anything once I choose a plan?

Nope! We’ll handle the rest and let you know once your website is compliant at the plan you chose. Generally it takes 5 business days from purchase to have your accessibility statement ready.

What is the difference between the 20% Coverage Plan vs 90% Coverage Plan?

In short, the 20% Coverage Plan provides partial compliance via user-triggered accessibility enhancements while the 90% Coverage Plan also remediates the underlying code to work with assistive technology, in accordance with WCAG guidelines.

If I make any changes to my website after purchasing the Plan, will those changes be remediated by the widget?

Absolutely! As long as you have the 90% Coverage Plan, any changes to your website will be immediately remediated by the Accessibility Widget. You can freely continue to send updates without having to worry about needing to make compliance modifications.

How does 90% Coverage Plan provide assistance with demand letters or lawsuits?

You most likely won’t ever receive a demand letter. The process, however, is as follows: after receiving a demand letter, claim or lawsuit, UserWay provides an assessment of the claim’s validity, a Statement of Compliance as proof that your site was accessible with UserWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget and, if required, an expert opinion as part of your official response to the claimant. In the event that you receive a demand letter or lawsuit, contact us as soon as possible.

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ADA Compliance Plan

20% Coverage Plan – $99/year, 90% Coverage – $499/year