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Is Homework Really Necessary?

Okay, I know what you may be thinking, but this is one of the most important and exciting steps of your program. We’re going to be building the foundation of your marketing – designing your brand, building your website, creating funnels for your ideal clients and then launching it to see your numbers grow!

To get there, we need your help to relay critical information about you, your business and your ideal customers to help us get on the same page with you.

Now I won’t lie, this is going to take effort and work. I’ll be asking a lot of questions in the homework that’s coming up. But I believe, by working together with speedy communication, we can build a killer marketing foundation that will be your launch pad for years to come.

In the next section you’ll be starting your first homework. I want to let you know that “I’m not sure” is totally a valid answer. Don’t worry about filling everything out perfectly. Remember, there’s a whole section dedicated to feedback and revisions. The important thing now is that you’re starting to think about your business so that we can review everything in our first meeting.