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Read Before You Start!

Marking Lessons Complete

At the bottom of each page, you’ll find a “Mark Complete” button. It’s helpful to mark each page complete when moving onto the next page.

Take Notes

It’s handy to have a dedicated notes journal or a word doc to jot down notes or questions as you’re working with us through the next few weeks.

Immediate Support

If you have immediate questions, you can reach out to website@liftoffagent.com – save that email in your notes!

Your First Meeting

You will be able to schedule a meeting using a calendar after finishing Section 2: Homework. I understand there’s quite a bit of material, but we promise we’ve made it as simple as possible. After all, this is going to be your foundation and hub to all of your marketing going forward.

Bookmark This!

We recommend bookmarking this page https://app.liftoffagent.com/. This will be your hub to all things Liftoff Agent and you’ll need to check back often!

Download Zoom

We utilize Zoom for our meetings. It’s probably wise to download this now so that you’re ready when you schedule a meeting with me. Since my meetings are often scheduled back-to-back, being early and ready will give us the full 30-minutes to meet.


Great, let’s get started!