Why do I need to pay $169/mo for my website?

When you say you are just “getting the site” for $169/mo compared to other vendors that are providing you a CRM, I’d like to jump in and give you some feedback from my honest experience using CRM driven websites as well as custom stacked marketing via funnels, website redirects, and blogging. The amount of leads that come from static websites is dismal. Without a serious marketing budget to build traffic to funnels, pages, social, or video – their CRM will just be another tool you will end up paying for but it won’t constitute a ROI. 

Nearly 90% of the agents we work with don’t use their CRM provided websites or the website provided CRM’s. They use third party CRM’s (BoomTown, FollowUp Boss, Contactually, CINC) that are very extensive marketing machines. You don’t want to have multiple CRM’s, what you do want to do is push leads via Zapier from your website submission forms to your actual CRM. These CRM’s they provide are just another confusing bucket to make you login into another platform. Even CRM driven websites like BoomTown and CINC, you need to dump in $1000’s per month to get results to even have leads in the CRM. 

Our clients use RealScout as their buyer alert system (included in our price regardless if broker provides) which is integrated into their websites and they use their primary CRM that may also provide websites to have multiple search pages for them. 

In terms of pricing, we are priced accordingly because we integrate the Realscout cost, website hosting and security, and most importantly the update team on retainer. This allows you to make 2 updates per month, increasing your SEO search rank and encouraging you to actually facilitate marketing in terms of blogging, social, and video redirects from your social pages back to your website. All of these companies you’ve mentioned have the same templates and content, i.e Curator and luxury presence. They don’t want you to keep making updates at that price point, so they include items like a CRM to make it sound like you’re getting all these tools. You are basically buying SaaS vs. having a real estate marketing agency relationship. 

Traffic comes from great marketing and great content. If you want to build a static website and have what everyone else has then you go with a cheaper company. That’s just not us. Our agents are posting blogs nearly every week, shooting video nearly every week, and are making updates without costs and upgrade fees. They use their website as a tool in their listing presentations, and they use RealScout religiously in their buyer alert sequence. We are not renting the website back to the customer. It’s their website and they can move from broker to broker. 

If you need a little more insight to what I’m trying to portray, please read this article – https://eternitymarketing.com/blog/8-reasons-brochure-websites-dont-work-anymore

We are priced accordingly because we offer strategy, development, content tips, custom made websites, and upgradable conversion at a cost that is in alignment with other website development companies. The difference here is we build sales funnels and we use positioning strategy instead of just building websites with the same page hierarchy. 

We’re not a cheaper solution for agents because that’s not our ideal client. We work with some of the best in the world and have long standing relationships with them because our websites convert when they follow our plan of attack. Our support team is impeccable. Our solutions are custom to each agent. One deal pays for our service cost 5X in California alone. If we charged $49/mo then we would just be another software company trying to duplicate our model over and over. That’s why we see so much churn from these type companies.

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