Why are my reviews not posted on my website?

First of all, congratulations on receiving new reviews! If you’ve received reviews on Google, Facebook, Zillow and any other platform, that’s exactly where they should be written by your customers.

How do we get them on your website?

We do not automatically post anything onto your website. To give you more control of the reviews on your website, we ask that you forward any new reviews that you want posted on the site to website@liftoffagent.com

We suggest forward the email you receive from these platforms whena new review is posted and our team will get these posted on your website within 48 hours.

Tip: Updating your website with more content and blogs should be a priority of the agent to help with Google rankings and positive content that’s relevant to sellers/buyers in your area. Reviews are good, but not as impactful as video, blog content, or client stories. 

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