Who do you target for Facebook & Instagram Ads / Campaigns?

Our Facebook & Instagram campaigns are targeted at three specific ad sets:  

  1. Your chosen City/Area(s)
  2. Any website visitors tracked and retargeted via Facebook Pixel.
  3. Database of past clients, current prospects and sphere in .xls or .csv format

Campaign Types:

  1. Lead Generation Campaign – Chosen Marketing Strategy + City/Area (10 Mile Diameter)
  2. Landing Page Campaign – Chosen Marketing Strategy + City/Area (10 Mile Diameter)
  3. Audience Growth Campaign – City/Area (10 Mile Diameter) + Past Customer/Sphere Database that you provided us
  • Our Ads team will manage your ad budget and we will make the necessary changes and A/B testing on a quarterly level. Performance is our ultimate goal.
  • You will receive lead notifications via email. Leads will also be stored in your Leads Sheet. You can access this sheet to import your leads into your chosen CRM.
  • Your ads will be running on Facebook and Instagram 365 days out of the year.
  • Your Facebook & Instagram Ads keep you top-of-mind to your current prospects using retargeting and look-alike audiences as well as drive new traffic to your Lead Pages to generate new prospects.

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