Where should I post my videos? Facebook or YouTube?

Is it better to natively upload my video on YouTube and share the link on Facebook, or vice versa?

1. Facebook is encouraging users to upload native video to encourage more organic views, but in hindsight market update videos typically lower engagement in general without boosting the post and putting campaign money behind it. Your organic reach is only going to be as good as your audience growth and connection rate (how often you add someone you meet to facebook), or your retargeting list you provide (when using campaigns). 

2. The flip side to this is that we want to redirect traffic out from website or social media to your YouTube channel to get them to subscribe to your channel. If we post natively, you’ll get a higher organic reach to your network of connections, but your YouTube channel subscriber and views will be lower. If you can get your traffic moving from your website and social pages to YouTube, then your SEO rankings for those videos will be much better than your fizzle out engagement of social media (short fuse marketing vs. building evergreen marketing strategy). 

3. We try to analyze this on a quarterly basis, and if we see Facebook or LinkedIn is making changes, we encourage a dual strategy of posting the video always on YouTube, Website, and Social, but then using campaign money per video to boost this in the 15 mile radius of your target market. A lot of our bigger budget agents, will basically boost every video they have with a set budget, but then when they see one that really really performs, they will then turn around and run a larger campaign on that video with a call to action (schedule a listing appointment via calendly, download my expert marketing plan, high value content resources, etc) with a larger and longer duration campaign. We are working on this right now and will be helping agents with this strategy in the coming weeks to months. 

To synthetize this, it’s best to focus on growing your audience on LinkedIn and Facebook organically by adding new leads and clients, and boosting your videos each and every time to get around the organic limitations of not posting natively. If you post natively and YouTube, the traffic is going to reduce drastically. We’d rather see long term SEO and YouTube results vs. Facebook organic views because you can always get the reach of the video to a larger audience with a $25-$50 boost within Facebook. 

Things are always changing, but we try to be a YouTube first company vs. logging into each and every agent to natively upload videos that are only going to be seen by their “connections” rather than the whole world. 

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