I’m not looking to cancel but I need to pause my billing.

If you need to pause billing, please contact sales@liftoffagent.com.

IMPORTANT!!! Please note that pausing or cancelling your account (even for a short length of time) will likely reset all of the search ranking and market presence you’ve previously built up. We HIGHLY recommend to keep your program at the Website Only plan at the bare minimum to retain your market presence.

The Website Only Plan

Monthly Price: $169/mo

Includes: 2 Website Updates /mo, RealScout IDX Subscription and Hosting/Security/Updates.

You’re able to downgrade and upgrade back to your original program anytime!

What does that mean? You can move between the following programs seamlessly: Website Only < StartUp < RampUp < ScaleUp < Enterprise

If you have any questions or looking to downgrade, please contact: sales@liftoffagent.com

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