How To Successfully Use Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents

How to Successfully Use Email Marketing for Real Estate

The world is becoming a much more online-centric place. Email is hands-down the most used mode of communication today. It only makes sense to add it as one of your marketing arsenals.

If you’ve been a real estate agent over the past 10 years, you’ve probably seen the transformation this industry has gone through. No longer are the days of meeting with clients at every stage of the real estate transaction. Email and Docusign have taken over most of the communication. Traditional marketing is slowly being phased out in favor of quicker, faster and cheaper ways of marketing using online ads and emails. Today let’s dive into how to use email as a marketing tool for your business.

What Does Email Marketing Do in Real Estate? #

Get Tasks Done Automatically

With email marketing, you can configure your email to carry out specific tasks. It can also be set to respond to customer requests for property rates and tours or to help visitors sign up on your page. Reach more people, quicker with less effort and bandwith.

Proves Your Expertise

You can also keep your clients up to date with useful and accessible information via real estate digests – usually instantly and automatically. Build trust with your clients knowing that you are responding quickly and promptly to their questions and the market.

Maintain Healthy Relationships with your Clients

Your clients can warm up to your services when you send them unique, valuable content that are unique to them. Easily deliver PDFs, checklists, videos, how-tos directly to their inbox which they can access and view anytime.

Build a Customer Database

When you can build a mailing list, it means you have contacts to show for your business’s clientele.

Multiply Sales

Most people use email as a means of communication. And when you include any deal or offer to your mailing, you can easily reach potential clients faster and at a larger scale.

Setting Up Effective Real Estate Email Marketing #

If your real estate email marketing is going to result in more property transactions, then you must strategize effectively. Below are steps to help you market effectively via email.

Set Up Your Landing Page

When visitors arrive your page via hyperlinks, the first thing they see is your landing page. It is a webpage that contains valuable information about your real estate business. You should be able to provide visitors with essential content if you want their contact details in return.

If you want your landing page to generate leads, here are some essentials to include on your page:

Do not leave out vital details of your firm on your landing page. Your contact – both physical and online contacts – should also not be hard to locate on the page.

Secondly, make your call-to-action (CTA) section good enough to have your audience give you their contact info in return. And further, create a platform through which visitors can reach you instantly. They may have questions to which an immediate answer is needed – a live support system is strongly encouraged here.

Finally, your landing page shouldn’t give mobile users a tough time – since most visitors will surf your website on mobile devices.

Expand Your Database

When your landing page has been set up, you’ll need to collect email addresses for your real estate email marketing. Pop-up forms can be useful here. After providing visitors with relevant information, you can entice them into filling out their contact on the form.

You can also gather your mail listing from physical contacts with prospective clients. You can have them share their email addresses with you during real estate inclined events and gatherings.

However, ensure to carry out your email marketing according to the rules guiding the system. Carefully obtain every subscriber’s full permission to keep sending them marketing emails at later times.

Group Your Audience

Based on the information you receive from your visitors, you should separate your audience into specific groups. This way, you can send them information that are specific to their needs, location, and budget.

Build Templates

You now have your clients’ database, what you do with it determines the kind of lead you generate. The type of email template you prepare for marketing should depend majorly on your audience and their needs.

It is noteworthy to state that every email template must include catchy subjects. People would rather not read emails that look like junk email – so make sure your subject is worth of opening your email!

Automate Your Email Operations

To increase your chances of generating leads from your mail listing, get your email operations automated. Employ trigger-based emailing software like MailChimp Automation or Constant Contact Email Automation or even possibly a RealScout Property Alert Drip:

  • Follow up with a client who just checked out a property
  • Send a real estate tour for clients who previously viewed the property
  • Give clients an update on real estate transactions near where they live or would like to move to.

Top Email Template for Realtors

You definitely want to know the best content to include in your marketing email, don’t you?

Welcome Your Audience

After you have received the email addresses of your visitors, you’ll now want to tell them you appreciate them contacting you. From here, you can give them a tour around your services, and also inform them how often you intend making contact with them.

Unique Information

This section in your email listing comes handy. You want to send your subscribers details and offers that are unique to them. The offers you send individual subscribers should be influenced by their past transactions, location, and budget. Information like new events in your local area, homes that sold over asking, tips to getting their home ready for listing.

Send Substantial Content

Real estate email marketing should not become a nuisance to your subscribers. Instead of sending repeated offers and content, provide quality service and information for your subscribers to access. You don’t need to send an email every single week. Instead focus on creating valuable content to include in your email as a way to earn their trust and business.

Steady Posting

With regular postings and digests, you can keep your subscribers informed about trending issues in real estate. Send things like monthly housing market updates, any videos you’ve recorded or filmed, or testimonials of clients you’ve helped move into their new home.

Keep Up with Milestones

Besides appreciating your subscribers for doing business with you, you can also send them anniversary emails. Wish them happy first anniversary of moving into their home.


The primary goal of real estate email marketing is to engage potential clients using attractive deals and offers. It also involves helping existing clients climb higher on the transaction ladder with you. So you want to make sure your email content is providing value to your subscribers, and also building trust as a realtor.

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