How to add a PEAD-V form to your website

The PEAD-V form (Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration) is a new form by C.A.R for buyers to fill out when entering one of your properties.

During the first few weeks of use, real estate agents have quickly realized that it’s a lot of paperwork and emails to manually send these back and forth, especially if you’re juggling multiple listings.

We’re going to show you how to add the PEAD-V form to your website using Docusign and how to direct buyers and their agents to that specific page.

Create a Specific Page #

We recommend creating a specific page on your website where you can add a PEAD-V form. If you’re a current customer, we generally add the PEAD-V form under a “Resource” page. If this doesn’t exist, we’ll create one for you!

From there we have two options on how to display the PEAD-V form.

Adding the PEAD-V Form #

Option 1 – Basic PDF (not a docusign, still receive lots of emails) #

This option is to put a blank PEAD-V PDF form someone can download and fill it and email over to you (not as easy as docusign). Not quite automated but you won’t need to add a new form for every listing you have.

Pros: One form for all of your properties
Cons: Buyers will need to deal with downloading the form, signing it and getting it back to you, either by email or document uploader on your website. This can create a lot of emails

Option 2 – Docusign Powerforms #

This is our preferred way of using the PEAD-V form. This does mean you will need to be using Docusign already and have access to this feature. There may or may not be additional costs involved, you will need to verify with Docusign on that.

You can use Docusign’s Powerform to create a document you can display on your website, which can be filled out repeatedly by multiple buyers. You can have the buyer fill out the whole form (including the address) making this form reusable across all of your listings. Or you can help the buyer out by pre-filling in the address which you will need to create a new Powerform for each listing. After creating your first Powerform, you’ll realize it’s quite simple!

Don’t stop there! Think of all of the forms you re-use throughout the buying or selling process. Turn those into Powerforms and put them on your website for easy access to your clients!

Getting Started with Powerforms #

I’ve provided you a few links below to help you get started on learning about Powerforms:
What are Powerforms –
Instructions on Creating Powerforms –

Need Help? #

If we manage your website, reach out to and we’ll guide you through this process.

If you’re not a customer but you’re interested in having a super functional and custom website where you can utilize tools, like Powerforms – we’d love to show you how our sites out-performs any other sites out there. We’ll even give you a free website audit of your current website!

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