How do I update my website?

Automatic vs manual website updates

We automatically update the following on your website:

  • Active, Pending, Sold Properties on the MLS (buyer & seller represented)
  • YouTube Videos feed directly onto your website after your 3rd video.
  • Instagram posts feed directly onto your website
  • Add new Resourceful articles aligning to your chosen marketing strategies
  • Add local-specific content that aligns to your chosen cities (local businesses, parks, food scene, events)

We ask that you send over any updates for:

  • New reviews you receive; from client or third-party review platforms
  • Copy or photo edits/additions to any pages
  • New tab/concept/funnel ideas

Where do I send website updates? Email:

**It may take up to 48 hours to complete your website update. Please plan ahead and send it to us as soon as possible.

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