Great Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents


There are tons of different kinds of real estate marketing videos you can make! Whether you are a buyers agent or a listing agent (or both), creating a body of work on YouTube (the second largest search engine) is a great idea!


  • Neighborhood videos (general interest)
  • Neighborhood videos with insights (like Dunedin Isles had gas tanks in the yards that often had to be removed prior to selling)
  • About the homes (date built, beds, baths)
  • HOA rules (why they are good or bad for a particular neighborhood)
  • Things that are allowed/not allowed (motor homes, parking in the street, weird house colors)
  • Subdivisions with large or small houses, 55+ communities, special subdivisions (like the one that a builder made with all the support along the walls so they could be totally open concept or the ones with brick streets)


  • Condo complex tours (inside the units)
  • Condo amenity tours (fitness rooms, pools, etc.)
  • How condo ownership works
  • Condo laws and regulations in your state
  • What can you do when you have a condo


  • Realtor tips videos for first time home buyers
  • Why you need to have financing in place before looking
  • What being “upside down” or “house poor” means
  • What to look for when buying a new home
  • How to handle issues on the home inspection
  • How to handle a sellers market (no lowball offers, no weird requests, seeing a new listing on the first day, getting financing first)
  • What not to do when you are buying to mess up your mortgage
  • Do you need a real estate agent when buying new construction
  • How to be realistic about what features you can get with the money you have
  • Affordable housing options for first time buyers


  • How to declutter (like what does that mean… not just take down some pictures but how to make your home look good!)
  • Ways to make your landscaping look good (curb appeal, first impressions and all that)
  • How to price your home to actually sell
  • What absorption rate is (so boring and technical, sexy it up a bit and explain that it really does matter in a slow market)
  • How to handle a lowball offer (should you be offended or counter?)
  • How to prepare for an open house
  • Will you get an offer after the open house?
  • Case studies (why a home didn’t sell, why a home sold fast, who bought a home)
  • Why do listings go expired and how to fix it next time
  • How do DOM (days on market) effect the price your home will sell for
  • What should you fix BEFORE the home inspection period
  • Which home improvements make you the most money when you sell
  • How to have a successful showing (good smells, not home, lots of light, flexible about showings)
  • How to sell for top dollar in the fastest time possible (for sure what every seller wants!)
  • Should you let your Realtor use a lockbox?


  • How to buy and sell at the same time
  • When is the best time to move up to a better home
  • When to downsize (kids move out, parents move out, job transfer)
  • When to move up (new baby, parents moving in, multigenerational housing)


  • Realtor tips for luxury homebuyers….luxury buyers/sellers, move up sellers, waterfront buyers/sellers, you get the drift)
  • Process for making an offer
  • How to create a “wish list” for what you want in your new home
  • Info about features like sea walls, mountain views, etc.


  • The most expensive homes sold in your area
  • What luxury buyers are looking for in homes
  • Drone footage of the property
  • Fancy upgrades like audio systems, solar panels, pools, water conditioning, multi-zone heating and cooling


  • What are closing costs and who pays them?
  • What is an escrow account?
  • How are contract documents signed?
  • Negotiating home repairs and warranties
  • How to handle issues on the home inspection
  • What to do about un-permitted upgrades or rooms
  • When is the best time to buy/sell a home
  • Septic tanks or sewer issues
  • Property insurance (especially if rates are higher for some reason in your area, like we all have to


  • Radon and why it matters
  • CO2 detectors
  • Sinkholes and “pinning”
  • Gated communities and security


  • A day in your life
  • Testimonials from your clients
  • Showing how your process works
  • How you market your listings
  • Realtor designations and how they will help with your client
  • What is a broker, single agent, transaction agent, dual agency and how it affects buyers and sellers
  • Questions your Realtor should be asking you


  • Parks, lakes, nature walks, dog parks
  • Restaurants, bars and stores
  • Schools and government
  • Things to do in….


  • House feature tours (not of a listing, just cool things you find in the houses you see)
  • Cute videos parody-ing popular songs with real estate terms
  • Haunted houses or weird things about your town

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