Best Practices and Strategy to Listing Promotion on Social

What does Liftoff Agent include in a social media post promoting your listing?

  • We include the property website slideshow (Matterport, TourFactory, etc) since it’s more of an interactive click through labeled virtual slideshow. Some prospective buyers like to click through it and “nerd out” with as much information as possible. We can’t post all the pictures from RealScout on social media due to social media limitations. Photo limit is 15 on Facebook, 9 on LinkedIn and 1 on Instagram, unless posted from agent’s phone directly. 
  • We always try to include the RealScout listing link to the property for the following reasons: It provides nearly the exact info on the MLS. But most importantly, we’ve integrated it with Facebook’s tracking pixel installed on the backend of the site so everyone who clicks on that link can be retargeted to with campaign expenditure (if applicable for your program). The RealScout tool is also a great lead capture vs. just the slideshow links that are more of display and show only. 

What is the Posting Cadence?

From a posting standpoint, we post a Coming Soon post, then Just Listed. If the property doesn’t go pending after a few weeks, we will switch between multiple different types of multimedia and re-advertise on your behalf without any notification from you. However, please do let us know if there are any price changes so we can notate that into our posting schedule.

Here is a sample of what we would post for your listing:

  • Post #1 – All the pictures and link out to RealScout
  • Post#2 (next week) – Link to Matterport or Virtual Tour Only
  • Post#3 (next week) – Find the best feature about the house and highlight it
  • Post#4 (next week) – Grid custom artwork and new headline copy

This cadence keeps the same listing fresh and always being promoted with a diversified media strategy each week. 

Additional media you can send to us during the different stages of the listing to maximize engagement:

  • Coming Soon – Professional Video Walk Through + Drone uploaded to your YouTube (we can upload) day before.
  • Just Listed – RealScout and Pictures Scroll Through on all social platforms
  • On Market – Link To Slideshow Only or Matterport Link out
  • House Feature – Picture of something great about the house in slight change in copy

What you can do to expand engagement that we cannot do on our end:

  • Shoot a facebook live when you’re at the property pre, during, and post transaction.
  • Shoot an Instagram story when you’re at the property pre, during, and post transaction.
  • Shoot a YouTube video post transaction with clients giving you a video testimonial, handing off keys, showing up at title company, document the story of the transaction and highlight why people love you

The strategy is always about capturing the right attention of the social media user through pictures and lots of links and having consistency.

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